Covergirl Lipslicks

Arrgggh! I can’t stand wasting money. I guess with an introduction like that you can just guess how this review will evolve. See while at Target last weekend I found this Covergirl Lipslick tinted lip balm. After seeing a beauty look by one of my favorite bloggers, Shirley B (of So I bought the product for about three dollars– not a huge waste, but money none the less. I have this beauty philosophy that I try to buy cheap colors of different items that I care to test out before buying higher-end makeup products. I’m don’t have a job so a girl gotta save money any way I can. So this product promises

“A lot of shine. Hint of color. Helps protect lips from the elements. Lipslicks sheer natural color with shimmering shine also helps condition lips, keeping them smooth, fresh and healthy looking”

You a lie!

The product was no good. I would suggest that no one run out and purchase this product. As a lip balm it is a bit greasy and awkward feeling on the lips… a mix somewhere between chicken grease and Nieva. As for the color it is lighter than a sheet of computer paper. I guess the key word was “Hint of color”.

I hope you enjoyed this beauty post. This is the first of many. But if you enjoy the post comment below! 🙂

Ciao Bella! 

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