Smoothie Queen

Smoothie Queen? Hmmmm… I wonder where my Smoothie King is? Today for a little snack I blended up a berry smoothie. It was really good. Although the pomegranate seeds did not blend well so my smoothie was a wee bit crunchy! Yummm. Besides that, the smoothie was delicious. While drinking the smoothie I imagined myself on the coast of some tropical islands, surrounded my by loved ones, and laying around with a bangin’ body! A girl can wish, right? I sort of like the Spring Break stayaction. Vocab lesson. Stayaction- noun; the act of staying at home during a holiday or break period. Like I said earlier I have a ton of course work to complete and I don’t like the idea of work looming over me while I’m vacationing. I guess God works for the good of his people. I hope everyone is having a good spring break where ever you may be. And for those that haven’t had spring break yet, enjoy ever second because the time flies by!

All I needed was a straw to feel like I had arrived at paradise Abby.

Ciao Bella!

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