Doin’ What I Do.

It’s Saturday. You know what that means… chillin’. I can’t remember a Saturday where I actually  had the chance to “chill”. Today I was doing things for prom and English homework. I was doing things for prom because I’m a senior class officer. Also I had to finish my design from project graduation. Ahhh… so much on my plate. I can’t lie though, because I’m enjoying every bite!

So today I had to get my hair done. I’m still thinking about how I want my hair for prom. Hopefully God will send me with a classy yet beautiful design. He always comes through for me. So I got my braids done and I will post pictures later on, that is if I feel like it.

Comso with Ms. Megan Fox and Vibe with Nicki Minaj


Fear not. I did not forget the nail polish. The nail polish is Revlon’s Top Speed in the color 430 “Chili”. Sorry for the blurring picture. It’s just that if I don’t take a picture with flash on then the camera will not focus correctly. I’m going to work on the settings when I get a chance.

So there you have it. Hope your Saturday was great. For those saying good bye to spring break let’s take a moment to shed that final tear.


For those saying hello to spring break– enjoy every second because it flies bye (See what I did there. Instead of putting by I put bye. I’m so corny sometimes)

Ciao Bella!

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