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500 Days of Summer

Is it too early to speak about summer in March? Oh, well. Please endure the wait my dear love bugs. So I guess I’ve decided. Summer 2012 is going to be the school after my senior year in highschool. So this summer is scheduled to be carefree and absolutely blissful. I want love. Not the serious, Facebook official “love” that has flooded young people across America but I want a certain feeling. Something that blossoms naturally from a guy friend! Ah, a guy friend. I certain need more guy friends. 500 Days of Summer. If you haven’t seen this movie then you really need to see it. It redefines the romantic plot line. Quite refreshing, actually. This movie is so cute because you just sit on the edge of your seat hoping for a happy ending. The cutie Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tom) and quirky Zooey Deschanel (Summer) star in this movie. As the non-linear jumps from day to day we witness Summer and Tom’s relationship blossom but it doesn’t blossom into a timeless rose; it blossoms into a sunflower– beautiful, fresh, and refreshing. 

I sort of feel like I’m the Tom in this sort of relationship. I’m the girl that falls, and falls hard. I’m the one that jumps, takes the leaps, makes the bounds. Somehow I realize that my “Summer” doesn’t see me that way. That’s what hurts the most. Its not rejection– its a lack of vision. That their perceptive doesn’t allow them to see a vision with you included. Its a weird feeling but I’m sure someone out there knows how I feel.

I want to have 501 Days of Summer! God, let Summer 2012 be good to me. 🙂

Ciao Bella!

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  1. Graduated from film school the year before this came out and every year of school, somebody tried to make a movie was like this and was told nobody wants to see a movie about a couple that doesn’t work out, lol!


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