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Things I Need to Stop Doing.

1. Wearing these shoes: They’re getting raggedy. And when I wear them, they make my pants look even shorter. It’s really challenging finding pants that are long enough to cover my ankles. This seems like an appropriate time to say something like “#tallgirlproblems” . But I won’t say that. Hehehe… see what I did there? I realized that the shoes had to go, after they were my first go to item to kill a mayfly.

2. Looking at things with an expiration date: This seems pretty self- explanatory.  Ironic detachment.

3. Dressing like a hobo everywhere I go: Maybe  the reason boys don’t “hit” on me is because I dress so poorly. Or maybe I’m just intimidating and they can’t handle me?  That’s probably not true. But the first thing people see are my clothes not my personality.  Style and dress is a form of expression. And my clothes scream: I don’t care.  Sexy-and-I-know it but too lazy to show it.

4. Not proof reading my post before posting them: Simple enough.

5. Using my blog as my mouth: There is nothing I can say to excuse some of my past posts. And no matter how you view me, or portray me to others, God knows my heart. I made a mistake. Nobody’s perfect. But woman to woman, or woman to man…. scratch that woman to reader… I truly apologize. It was out of character for me and I do regret it. If I’m not going to say it in person then it shouldn’t be written via blog because that cyber bully.  I’m not the best communicate but I do try. I don’t want to take relationships I value through the ringer.

Ciao Bella!

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