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Summer To-Do List.

Have you noticed how I keep bragging that this summer is going to be soooo eventful and productive? Well here is a list of things I want to do before summer ends.

1. Bake a rainbow cake. I was thinking that me and my friends could have a movie day and make this cake. Or we could do something we we all make like two layers and then come together and put the cake together. Sounds fun! Right? Last summer I make the cookie stuffed with a oreo. (pictured below)

2. Buy a ukulele & learn how to play a song– This sounds cool. I’m really musical, at least I try to convince myself that I am. Hopefully I will learn to play a little bit and then record a song.

3.  Watch all the season of Entourage– I have a love for HBO and good shows. Everyone raves about this show so I thought I give it a chance.  I wonder which characters I’m going to fall in love with?

4. Lose a ton of weight and wear yoga pants- Let me break down the VOGUE fashion trends at my high school. Baggy t-shirts and cute yoga pants were the hot ticket items. But you have to be small to pull off the look. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with it. Losing weight is for a healthier me and yoga pants is just a plus. I’m thinking about trying hot yoga at a local yoga studio in my area. I guess I probably should bake the cake before I try to accomplish this item on my list.

5. Buy a camera.- I’ve been talking about this since November. I’m praying and hopefully by the end of the summer God will provide me with a lovely camera. I will take pictures. I have a friend that takes photos all the time. Before I was like why? What’s the use? But now I love taking pictures. A photo speaks a thousand words so cameras allow for someone to capture the feelings and emotions tied to a particular event or person.  (By the way, the camera in the picture is the Nikon J1. Such a beauty)

6. Make or DIY shorts, denim vest, or accessories- This is sooo tumblr. I’m obsessed with being crafty. I want to make my own pair of these shorts. Hopefully I make them and still have the courage to rock them. I have a tendency to buy things them some how losing the confidence to strut my stuff in them. Idk. Therle must be something in the air or lights at clothing store. I blame the mirrors in the dressing rooms. How do I look fabulous in the dressing room yet look like a ratchet when I try the clothes on at home?

This is what my summer looked like last year. I spent most of my time sleeping, eatting junk like this. And while I was awake I was in front of a bright screen be it my phone, computer, or tv.  Last summer marked the last chapter of  “Memoirs of a Loser: Staring Abigail”.   (Sidenote: I was really proud of myself for making those cookies. My little sister saw the pictures on tumblr or pinterest)

Ciao Bella.

[Note: I do not own this pictures]

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