Graduation Goggles.

Graduation Goggles.

It’s a weird feeling. Oh yeah, by the way I graduated high school! To God be the glory. First of all, I could not have done this without God’s guidance, strength, and unfailing love.

Now back to Graduation goggles. I heard about this first on How I Met Your Mother. It’s just that now looking back (at the end) on everything, things seems so peachy and blissful. You love bugs, as well as I, know that High school was a roller-coaster ride. Most times it was more bad than it was good. I really am more of a positive person but there were so many battles. Whether it was doing all the work in group projects, horrible teachers, self-confidence, grades, social life… I mean it was _______. I’m at lost for words right now. I don’t know how my emotions could be classified back then. Towards the end everything seemed to be coming together whether it getting Miss. CHS or the prom award thing, I was really blessed at the end which is making my vision slightly hazy. But I can’t forget my ninth grade emotions. Like when I thought I was going to lose a friend to drugs or watching my friendships with certain people dissolve right before my eyes. Then there was learning about rejection through Red Jackets, TLC, soccer. I learned that drill team was uber expensive so  I didn’t even bother trying-out. Somethings were just weird too, like not getting credit when you truly deserve it. Like I put in a lot of work for senior class officers and sometimes I wish I wasn’t the “council” but an officer. I felt sometimes like an impostor but I was always down with being a team player.

I mean, I’m happy for that chapter in my life. It taught me a lot about myself.  Unforgettable moments, fabulous people, and tough lesson… and I can’t forget growing pains.

Ciao Bella.

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