Ms. Pathetic. Not necessarily the title I would dub myself. While running on the treadmill I was struck with an epiphany. Seems like that’s been happening a lot lately.  Any-hoo I love running because it clears my mind.  With the name Ms.. Pathetic somehow or someway a boy needs to be involved.  Alrighty, this is one of those desperate blog post about how my soul-mate is out there and  has no idea I exist. Sometimes you have to step away from the situation and examine it from a different perspective. For about the last year I have been cyber stalking this guy I thought was cute. I would view him on such social media sites as twitter, tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Let’s be honest, I wasn’t his “friend” on Facebook so whenever I hung out with a certain individual I would use her Facebook to creep on his. Sorry if I sound sick.  Unfortunately it only gets worst. I tracked down the “girls” he would talk to on his various social media outlets. I then went to these “girls” facebooks, twitters, tumblrs, etc trying to become more and more like them. As though I could become more and more like these girls and then the boy would fall for this girl (me), we’d fall in love, and the rest would be history.

Fast forward 12 months later. It’s been a year since my venture began. While on the treadmill I realized that it was pointless. Please don’t confuse this that I don’t believe in love and God’s divine timing. I’m not a hopeless romantic but a hopeFUL romantic. Let’s be real… I haven’t spoken to this dude once and a year later there still hasn’t been any progress. Around last October/November God directed me and told me not to spend my time on chasing the boy online. Since that time I’ve stepped away from the situation and the fantasy of him. Him being this perfect dude who’s into art, music, and good tv. Someone who is compassionate, charming, and dashing.  One day God will direct me to him. But as for now I’m Ms. Independent waiting for God to send Mr. Incredible.

Let’s not give up on love my dear Love Bugs. I will leave you with this song. I love this song.  The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra covered by Maroon 5.  It’s so beautiful, melodious, and classic.  I don’t care how old the tune is, I want to play this song at my wedding.

Ciao Bella

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