oh you fancy huh?  Nails done, hair done, everything did. Ah, the anguish of every teenage girl. There is a certain allure in “natural beauty”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for roaming au natural, in fact I do it daily. There’s this battle between society and myself. I feel a though since I”m a certain age I’m expected to have a certain upkeep.  It’s so hard. Make-up can be fun and what not but it get so hard sometimes. Everyone always expects you to look wonderful all the dang time. Give me a break!  There sort of a battle. Not necessarily a battle but a conflict as in a literary conflict. Not really man vs. man but man vs. self.

That desire to want to be beautiful yet unable do so because boys love those beautiful made-up girls. Those girls with make-up are so confident and flirtatious.  See, me a girl that rarely wears make -up yet I’m always placed in the friend zone. Then comes the face of MAC, Holly… the girl that always looks so cute and can seduce any dude with just a flip of her hair. Do you know who boys like? Not Soulfulabby… yes, that’s right! Hottie Holly.  And please don’t try to convince me with that “We like natural girls” BS that boys now-a-days try to flaunt. I’ve been on tumblr. I see the tweets. If boys truly like the au natural girl then prove it! Examine the girls who have boyfriends and the ones that don’t. I’m convince that there are numerous lurking variable but I do see a certain correlation.

I’m realizing that there show be  some sort of balance but I’m still trying to find it. Arrggh the anguish of a teenage girl. Having to dress up to go down the block. Wearing mascara to check the mail. Who’da thunk it?

Ciao Bella.

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