I love the concept of TOMS shoes. Not only are they cute but as a buyer, I have the opportunity to provide someone else with a pair of shoes. Granted after the whole “Invisible Children” revelation, I’m a bit more conscious with what organizations I associate with.

*Mini Rant* Here’s my spill, I love TOMS but the canvass material just inst cutting it. Explain to me why after several wears my big toe just seems to pop out like some sort of baby chick. The colors and styles are usually on point but that material just isn’t doing it for me. Also why does Nordstrom refuse to carry cute size tens’ TOMS. Like… NO I would not like the overly floral TOMS and if you suggest the muted, tan tweed TOMS one more time… Any-hoo I wish I got a chance to see more of the CEO’s donating the TOMS. Maybe with a YouTube page or more advertising on the shoes being donated then I would remember that this is a charitable organization not only a shoe company.

Well for a mini second my church was a small TOMS. We collected flip flops then attached a short message to preach the gospel. It felt really good. Granted we raise a little under 20 pair of shoes I felt like I was truly making a difference. I’m proud that it didn’t end. After high school I worried that I would forsake the community and live my  life quite selfishly. But I’m glad that in my little-ole community I’m still volunteering my time and resources without the allure of a shiny chord or prestigious title.  Here’s a few pictures of the progress. We hope to raise more than 50 flip flops by the end of the summer. By then we will ship the shoes for to another country, ministry, and organization. I hope you Love bugs are continuing to make a difference in your community.

Ciao Bella.

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