If only I had an instagram my life would be complete. Not necessarily but I want one because I can’t have one. The thing is I have a MyTouch, aka- Android 1.o. My phone reaffirms the idea that T-mobile sucks. To be honest T-mobile isn’t that bad because the packages are quite reasonable but the phone selection ain’t it, sweetie. Any-hoo if I did have an instagram I would post pictures like what follows. (Sidenote: Since my phone isn’t adequate form y lifestyle I’m forced to take out a bulky camera to snap these photos. Don’t judge me.) So prepare for tons of food pictures and several hash tags!

 Purple Vans #CaliSwag

Got that Guac #guacamole  #food #dip

 Am I the only one who likes a side of water with their drink? #Biggby’s #whitechocolate #Brrrrrrr

Banana Star #Sandwich #MakeYourOwn

 QT Pie! New location in my small town! #slurpee #FruitPunch #Quench #Thirst

 New Body Wash. Ironic because I’m just sooooo flirty. #Boys #SingleGirlProblems #PhilosophyBodyWash

 Booty Shorts startin’ early. #DenimUnderwear #TwoYearsOld #ShortShorts

I’m surrounded by this color. #GirlyGirl #NailPolish #Magenta

Ciao Bella.

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