Neck Warmers.

Neck warmers. There’s nothing better than a snug embrace by a boyfriend to warm a girl up on a chill day. If a suitable fella is not in close proximity a scarf should do the job just fine.  I love scarves. I’ve learned several ways to tie scarves. Scarves can truly juzz up  a simple outfit. Recently I’ve gone scarf crazy. Anyone that knows me knows that I have a tendency to have wardrobes full of winter clothes on deck. I guess it’s just my English heritage. (Someone cue Adele’s –Hometown Glory) I’m taking a handful of my scarf collection with me to DC. While some of these scarves have never (nor will) see the light of day. I’m sure you can identify these certain scarves on your own.

I’m ashamed to say that  I bought 4 scarves in one week. That’s not even the worst part. While looking at the catalog for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2012, I saw another scarf that tempted me. Fear not, I believe that my collection is almost complete (Arial from the Little Mermaid style).  These scarves below are my favorites. 

Soon I’m going to do a post about my future college style. 🙂

Ciao Bella.

[Source: Thefashionspot]

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