Sweet Tooth

OMG. So many  sweet places have opened in my small town. First off, a new cupcake place came. The cupcakes aren’t too bad. My younger sister and I ventured down to the spot to pick up a cupcake.  The cupcakes were pretty good. To be honest, I’m usually always disappointed when I try cupcakes. The cupcakes were enjoyable but I won’t go out of my way to try one again. If I’m in the area, I may just stop by.

I also stop at a bakery that open in the area. The decor was hipster cool. It was like a cafe feel, with chalkboard menus and hip workers. Well, there was only one hip worker but that’s beyond the point. The bakery uses an Ipad to process transactions and the vibe is sort of cool. Unlike the cupcake place, the layout of the bakery is trendy. The cupcake joint’s layout can best be described as cute. Although the decor in the cupcake place is not far from the previous tenant, which was a yogurt place.

Although I applaud the bakery’s decor. I wasn’t sold on the taste. So my sister and I traveled twice to this  bakery to get cupcakes. Sounds simple enough. The first time we went there were no cupcakes because the baker decided not to make them that day. I could sympathize with her because she had just opened the business. The next time we went there was one type of cupcake… chocolate. If you know me, you know that I don’t really like chocolate flavoured stuff. I only like chocolate chocolate or brownies. Then there was one worker that was trying to convince us that everything on the menu was to die for. Bread pudding, Yogurt parfait, strawberry cake…. the list went on and on. We finally settled on a brownie, a cookie, and crumb cake. Note: We did not finish these desserts, I got a body to work on! 

Let’s just say… when I think of bakery I feel as though the word freshness should follow. And I didn’t get that freshness from this trip to bakery. Maybe next, I will be wowed. I’m not a tough critic but I know what good great taste like.

Has your summer been sweet thus far?

Ciao Bella.

[Note: I do not own bottom pictures]

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