The Dump.

There are many awkward occurrences that happen during college. After these first few days I have “put myself out there” as well as meet a bunch of cool people. I will explain later on. If you think you were busy in high school, just wait for college. College… a place where people party, talk, eat, sleep, dance, sing 24/7. I’ve had some awkward falls and names mistakes but the worst thing is…

Taking a dump.

It’s so embarrassing and awkward. But it shouldn’t be. Being in a public restroom. (a place where more than one person uses the bathroom). Pooping shouldn’t be embarrassing or awkward because it;s a natural process. 🙂 Some people don’t like talking about this stuff. Real mature. Any-hoo. The act, smell, and energy is going to be something to get use too. I know someone who use to turn on the shower every time they took a dump. Talk about a waste of water, but I guess whatever works for you. 🙂

Have you taken your first dump in college?

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