Just Like High school.

College has a lot of similarities to High school. You may find yourself constantly “tired, stressed, worried, or hungry”. I honestly try  to never use the first three words, but I’m all over that fourth word. My problem with the first few words are that people constantly use those words and thus the meaning loses significance.

Here’s a couple of lesson’s I’ve learned.

1. Highschool is like college but with more distractions.

2. College is sort of like boarding school. Take it as you will.

3. I don’t think people should commute their first year. I’ve made a few commuter friends and the relationship requires more work. Conversations are shorter and sightings less frequent . We are young so most of our plans are instantaneous with little thought or plans. Commuting should be saved for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years so that  a solid friendship/ network is established.

4. There are a gillion clubs. You will find that a lot of them seem similar with just one minor detail. Hhhhmmm… Combine & conquer?

5. Cafeteria food isn’t all that bad. Although you need to eat wisely. Eggs everyday screams high cholesterol. duh!

6. It’s easier to have/make guy friends. Holla to having a co-ed floor. *side glance*

7. High school petty drama continues for eternity. Exhibit A “The Real Housewives of _____________”

P.S. the reason I haven’t been blogging is because I don’t have a camera which makes things more challenging. But bear with me on this “naked post”.

Ciao Bella.

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