Howard University.

Being in D.C, I’ve become a bit of a college-campus connoisseur. I feel so fancy saying the word “connoisseur”. Any-hoo I really enjoy exploring different campuses. Because a campus is a student’s home away from home. I guess this may be related to my love for interior design and architecture. Any-hoo while on Georgia Avenue (Yes, Georgia Avenue) I got to explore Howard University. Here are a few pics below.

A street named “Otis”. Watch the Throne?

I could never imagine going to an all-black school. Granted, Howard is not an “all-black school”  but a HBCU (Historically black colleges and universities) is just a bit frightening. My reasoning is just that I would feel like I’m trapped in this community. I never want to be in a mono-type of relationship with people of one race, belief, customs. Although I’m generalizing everyone that listens to R&B or likes chicken or is sassy is a bit overwhelming. And sometimes I find that when there is one too many black girls around there is a tendency for there to be drama, unnecessary drama.  But these are all stupid generalizations so please ignore something that may have offended you, because that was not my intention.

Ciao Bella.

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