I’m nineteen! Ahh. God is good. No, God is great! This year I tried something different. I’m not a huge birthday person. I don’t do the countdown. I don’t expect gifts. I don’t really enjoy birthday cake. And I don’t want to be forced to stand awkwardly while I’m serenaded with The “Happy birthday Song”.(If someone sang Birthday Song to me, maybe I wouldn’t have minded because all I want for my birthday is a big______”)  I always seem like a Debby-Downer but I’m not. I like to travel, eat, and talk about music & movies!

Any-hoo, this year I tried something different and took off my birthday for my Facebook page. As earth changing as this may seem in my mind, it was really minor. I didn’t want the countless post and I want those who really cared about me and knew me to comment and wish me well. It was sort of a reflective thing. High school is over, the relationships that continue will not be manufactured or forced but real and genuine.

Most of my friends remembered. Although it did come after a slight ron-day-vu with Brad Pitt.

I’m nineteen now. Also an adult. Hehehe. It’s another year, another journey. There’s not much I want to accomplish before I’m twenty expect become a more godly woman as my relationship with Christ blossoms.

Random: Sometimes I wish my Mummy was here to give me one last hug before I enter my twenties next year. I always tell people I look just like my mummy. Well, here she is…my mummy, Queen Esther– 

Ciao Bella.


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