Lost? I doubt it. Reading metro maps is not that challenging. Maybe that’s the inner London Girl speakin’. Some of my friends are so afraid of using the metro. I guess being lost is just one of those feeling everyone hates. The feeling of being in danger, some sort of self-inflicated danger.

I’m so lost sometimes. I use to love math but Calculus is so challenging. Even with prayer, countless office hours (professor tutoring sessions), and appointments with numerous math tutors– I still feel like I don’t have a grasp of it. I’m still trust in God though. He has provided me with utter peace.

I’m lost in this big place. I’m still looking for a stable church. I once had a conversation about churches with a sweet girl. Now everything I see her I feel guilty for not attending all of her spiritual events she invites me too! Sorry. 

I’m lost with friends. I have so many friends, too many. Am I doing that thing again where I don’t put enough effort into a relationship thus become unsatisfied with the results? Hhhhmmm. Can you blame me for being busy?

Boys oh boys. There’s nothing but immature, unspiritual boys everywhere I turn. Although next week I’m going to a different church. This church has a lot of chocolate brothers from Howard. Smart & God-fearing… Now that’s my kind of man. It wouldn’t hurt if he was taller than me (in heels), easy to talk to, witty, and really driven.  A girl can dream?

Boys update: There are two really cute white guys in my calculus class. I talk to them. They are so nice and sweet. One of them is name Tolu (Note: His name had been changed to a nigerian name to avoid possible repercussions) Tolu is friends with Segun. Segun is a cute guy that wants to go into pre-med ($$$$- sorry that is my parent’s influence on me. I know, I’m ashamed too) But Tolu is so nice and easy to talk to. He’s from California and he’s a red head! Yeah, I didn’t know I liked red heads either. Oh, well! Although they’re nice to me, I know that they are out of my league. No white guys have ever shown interest in me. *Sigh*

Ciao Bella.

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