Leaves falling like raindrops.

Sweet colors like orange, yellow, and crimson you’d think they’d be gum drops

Crunch Crunch Crunch

Leaves beneath pre-winter boots

The smell of change

Beautiful mess of leaves scattered along the pavement

No one dares to disrupt the pleasant chaos

Oh but the beauty last just for a moment

Seasons change, people change, time goes on without interruption

Pumpkin this, pumpkin that… waiting for pumpkin flavored toothpaste

Warm drinks, smooth froth, warm hands

The sun doesn’t pound but gently taps with a ray of warmth.

Tip, tumble into… Fall

(Sidenote: Isn’t Autumn in Georgetown absolutely gorgeous? *Sigh* ) Hope you enjoyed a little poetry. Sometimes I feel like I only complain on here and that’s not my purpose.

Ciao Bella.



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