Embassy Row.

Is one ever too old to Trick-or-Treat? Probably so… We have just enough “cool” to still pull it off.

So there are a bagillion embassies in D.C so they have this thing where they when you visit an open Embassy they will give you candy. Sometime the candy is native to that embassy’s country or sometimes it is just regular candy. Fun fact: An embassy is technically on the given country’s soil. So if I were at the United Kingdom Embassy, I could drink alcohol because the drinking age is only 18 vs. 21 here. I’m sure there are some stipulations but… those are the facts. 

I got around 6 pieces of candy. I’m not saying this was a whole bunch of candy but it was just fun to explore DC. And since I was never allowed to trick-or-treat as a kid (Christian Nigerians Parent’s constant fear of evil “witch craft”) So I dressed up as a “greek goddess” but I accept people’s guesses of Cleopatra.  I got a lot of compliments of my face make-up. I was creeping (only on Facebook) perusing  on my friend’s tumblr, (Hey Girl!) and she had this gorgeous photo of gold eyeliner on top of black liner. So I copied that look for my outfit. (Don’t look at my eyebrows. They need some work)

Gypsy & Kim Possible.

Embassy Row was just one of those things you do as a freshmen. It’s weird to me, when you ask an upper class man ‘what’s Midnight Madness like’ or ‘how is Trick-Or-Treatin on Embassy Row’? Then they reply with, “oh I’ve never done it”. It’s so lame. It’s like a mental check list, “Things to DO as a Freshmen”. I don’t foresee myself going to Embassy Row again but it was fun and that’s that.

Ciao Bella.

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