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Christmas Diner

reciptNo, I didn’t mean Christmas Dinner… although that does sound delicious.

So I’ve got a story to tell. Story time! Yay-hay. *Crowd cheers* So I was walking down a bustling city street this past weekend. Darkness starts lurking around 4:00, so I have may a vow not to treat the darkness as though it’s “bedtime”. I have a tendency to think, “oh wow, it’s dark outside. I better start wrapping things up. *looks at clock* 5:23?”

But I was cruzzing down the shopping street with my roommate. Okay, let me back track. We were looking for a bank so my roommate’s was looking at her phone for directions. Then all of a sudden I’m stopped by a homeless person. I wasn’t totally shocked. Living in a city, I’ve learned that homeless people lurk around every corner. Usually  they are begging for money. But I don’t typically carry much cash. Sometimes homeless people smell… like they smell really, really bad.

That’s all beside the point. So this homeless man, his name will be Frank… So Frank comes up to me and asked me if I have some dollars to spare to give him the funds to buy some “food”. In my mind I was thinking, “He does want money for food. He wants money for drugs and alcohol” Scoff Scoff.

But then Frank went on to explain how he didn’t have enough money for a meal at Johnny Rockets. So he asked me to buy him a meal there. In which I obliged. Johnny Rocket was a local dinner place that sold burgers and what not. So we walked in and everyone is starting at Frank. (They could have been starting because A. He’s homeless or B. Because  he had been there before and gotten kicked out for not having enough money)

To make the long story short, everyone in the restaurant stares at me as I order Frank’s desired meal of a bacon cheeseburger with fries but no drink… And he doesn’t want to take the meal “to-go”. He wanted to sit in a warm booth all by his lonesome. I basically explain to the workers that I’m just here to pay for the meal and be on my way. So I buy this man a meal and say “Merry Christmas & Happy New Years. And God Bless”. He seemed really grateful.

Truth is… homeboy creeped me out. He was a tall, black man (5’10”) But he wore old coats, a gray beanie, and he had a cain that he was limping with. Envision a homeless person… Frank doesn’t stray from the typical homeless person sporting the grungy look. My spooked spirit soon left, because I felt kind of good. I never get a chance to help someone directly. Toy and can food drives are nice but I never get to see the joy my gifts bring people.

I guess that’s all the fun in giving a gift. To see the reaction of the recipient.

Story over.

Ciao Bella.

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