Burgers & Bubbles.

Another adventure with the Breaking the Bubble crew. I’m so blessed to have a leadership position with this organization because we go on the coolest trips. That being said, this week was no exception. The trip began with a visit to the weekly Farmer’s market located in Dupont Circle. The market offered delicious samples on fresh produce, cheeses, jams, and breads. Just so you know, the Farmer’s market is set up weekly from about 10:00 am til 1:00pm in Dupont. Our next stop was BGR, the Burger Joint. Now this restaurant has been featured on numerous food sites and shows because it has a 9-pounder burger that the restaurant promises to give free if a customer can finish the burger in 1 sitting. Challenge accepted? Since the weather was so pleasant we ate lunch, picnic style, in the middle of Dupont Circle. We got our read on, at Kramer’s Book Store. The store featured an array of books, music, and a cute cafe and bar. Our last destination was Teasim. The whole vibe at Teasim was fresh, fun, and light. Like the true Breaking the Bubblers, we got bubble tea and headed back to Georgetown. Great food, great company, great day!

Sidenote: Bubble tea is weird. It’s good and bad. I could probably only have it, maybe, every once in a while. 
Ciao Bella. 
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  1. Abigail! This whole time I was wondering why you weren't blogging anymore but you'd finally made the switch! So glad I found you again! Love posts like this!


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