Summer Movies

Above are all the movies I saw this summer. In case any of the photos are blurry here’s a list (in no particular order)
1. Man of Steel
2. We’re the Millers
3. Grown Ups 2
4. To Do List
5. The Heat
6. This is the End
7. The Purge
8. The Internship
9. Now You See Me
10. The Great Gatsby 
11. Despicable Me 2
12. Monster’s University 
13. World War Z
14. The Way Way Back
So I know what you may be thinking… Wow that’s so many movies? Is that all you do? Watch movies? Nothing bothers me more than when you talk about your favorite tv shows or movies and then that one person goes… *nose up* “I don’t really watch tv or movies”.
Rant Begins.
Well, great for you. Someone give you a cookie because you are a model citizen. I find something rude and arrogant when people put down other people’s hobbies. Reading books all day, only playing a sport, focusing on an band/ instrument doesn’t make you a model citizens. Here’s a piece of advice, don’t criticize other people’s hobbies. Why? Because it’s rude. 
So you may be wondering what movies were my favorites? 
Guess in the comments and I will let you know. Which summer flicks did you enjoy.
Ciao bella. 
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