Apples, Applications and Advice

Apples. As a child I would be in complete confusion whenever my parents or adults in my life declined candy, sweets, or cake. My skin would cringe whenever I watched adults scrap off the icing on cakes. I was perplexed then but now I am becoming like the old, adults that were disciplined against too many sweets. Recently, I’ve found myself craving and eating more sweets then I ought to. So for the month of April I’m going to lay off the sweets. And I really like challenging myself to be healthier. No one is going to take care of me but me!

Applications. Summer is fast approaching and I’m applying to internships left and right. It’s times like this were I wish my folks had some real connections in the business field. I have no doubt that my parents would be able to land me an internship at some home health clinic or a hospital. But I doubt you will be seeing me in scrubs anytime soon! Y’all pray for me!

Advice. I really have to thank God because He has really given me wonderful people in my life. I just want to take the time to thank everyone that has given me advice recently. I know that God used special people as vessels in my life. I have this one friend, who is a passionate Christian and her advice comes without any judgement. She is such a source of comfort, intellect, maturity, and wisdom! Thank you God for having her in my life. My sisters are always there to give me advice, even the advice I’m not always ready to hear. ย And my friends, my friends are amazin’ as well. I can never turn a deaf ear towards God because He knows how to make me listen.

Ciao Bella.

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