A little part of me feels as though I have several post entitled “Selfish”. Oh-well.

Recently I’ve been very selfish. Not in that cut throat, the “world-revolves-around-me” kind of selfish. But that selfishness that is 55% thinking about me while only thinking about others about 45% of the time.

Currently, I’m listening to Frank Ocean & Jay Z all while Guy Code plays as background noise to my music and writing. I’m really unmotivated to connect with my friends that truly mean so much to me. I’ve honestly made no effort. Zero, zip, NADA.

On one hand it’s hella refreshing. There is no stress of coordinating times, meeting up, putting in the work. There’s no effort. Maybe this is a reflection of me, maybe it’s something deeper. Hanging out with friends is fun, it’s a combination of nostalgia, adventure, laughter, and celebration.

Maybe I don’t want to celebrate.

I apologize friends for not answering texts on time. For not putting in the effort to make our relationship work. I’ve just been working on me.

With that being said, I’m actually going on a spiritual sabbatical. I will delve into this deeper at a a later time. Β To my former church, I love you and I will always have love for you. God bless. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes to different horizons.

Ciao Bella.

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