*Sorry for the Blurry Pic*ย 

As a child I was never allowed to celebrate Halloween. The underlying elements of “witchcraft” and “Demonic elements” did not sit well with my folks. So my childhood was filled with Harvest Festivals that took place at my local church. Now that I’m in college I’ve taken off the chains.

This Halloween was especially celebratory because one of my closest friends turned 2-1!!! Go Big or Go Home. Check out a few of my costumes below. From Serena Van Der Woodsen to Waldo To a Flapper to ‘Yonce. My costume array was filled with a lot of variety. We went to parties, bars, and a event at the Mansion. All in all it was a great experience. I think costumes are fun when they are clever and witty as opposed to overtly sexual. I’m not judging people for going the more revealing route but it was cold!

Which look was your favorite? Until next year …
Ciao Bella.ย 



My boo. Hehehe. Remember this post Amazement?ย Well, here’s a little update:: I guess the picture speaks a thousand words.

Ciao Bella.