Meal Prep

If you know anything about fitness blogs then you have probably seen pics of meal preps. It seems like everybody tries to eat well. So many of my friends, family, and others constantly give me the best advice when it comes to making meals. 

My meal consisted of roasted chicken, steamed spinach, and a chicken broccoli brown rice mix. I thought that my steamed spinach would amount to more but that was not the case. Marginating the chicken took about four hours but cooking the meal was roughly about 45 minutes. Being a single person, I find that when I make these meals I’m forced to eat them for several consecutive days.¬†

I’m really trying to make some lifestyle changes. It hasn’t been take easy but I’m ready to say buh-bye to my chubby tummy! Haha!
Ciao Bella. 

Banana Pancakes

Can’t you see that it’s just raining… Ain’t no need to go outside. (Jack Johnson)
I can actually remember a time when I use to listen to mix cds that my friends made. This song was on one of the many mix cds I received. I really wish that was still a thing. Trading music with each other. Those are some of my favorite homemade gifts, cds that are filled with meaning.

Back to the heart of the post. I made banana based pancakes. They are very healthy, as opposed to flour based pancakes. Here’s what I used:

 Coconut Oil
 A little Vanilla

Then I blended the bananas, eggs, and pinch of vanilla. Instead of mixing the ingredients by hand, I blended them to make for a smoother consistency. The recipes online  called for only these basic ingredients but I found the texture to watery so the pancake would not cook/flip well. That being said, I added some rolling oats to thicken the batter. I have some things cooking in store.

Ciao Bella. 

Ziplock Food Files

¬† ¬†My mother would probably cringe if she saw me eattin’ out of ziplock (plastic containers) all the time. I’ve realized my love for cooking over the past few months. Now that I have a kitchen, I’m more conscious of what goes into my mouth. I really try to incorporate fruits and vegetables into my diet. But this isn’t a health rant. My food has become this creative outlet. I will think about things that can be mixed together and often wonder how those things will turn out and taste. Here’s a sneak peek of some of my meals from the last few days. Please note: This was not all eaten on the same day. I eat two meals and a few snacks everyday. Typically more, no less.¬†

Greek Yogurt, Granola, and Bananas! Breakfast is served.

Soup & Crackers. Buffalo chicken soup! Muchin’ on some Luchin’.¬†
(I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make much sense)
Now supper is the real deal. Supper can be a bit of a process. Planning and cooking and waiting and listening to music and cleaning. My husband better be one fabulous, loving man if he expects me to cook AND clean every night. Its one or the other. I’m lying. I would probably do both if he’s Mr. Incredible.
So I wanted to added some “old” ish spinach and kale but the brown spots were not looking appealing. SO that went into the trash. *Swish* Sidenote: I can’t stand wasting money on food.¬†
The finished product. One for now & one for later. 
Nothing like cooking two birds on one stone! That was a play on the idiom, killing two birds with one stone! I can’t wait to live with my sisters one day. We will be cookin’ away. Or at least I will be cookin, one of them will be burning things *cough cough* and someone else will be hanging out with their friends.¬†
Ciao Bella. 

Cracked Eggs.

¬†I’m a major foodie. Not in the sense that I just like to eat at great restaurants, but I truly believe that cooking is a form of art… for the mouth. I can’t wait to cook for my family. ¬†Just think how exciting it will be to travel the world through our mouths at the comfort of our kitchen dinning room. ¬†And my husband is going to be one blessed man! I’m the type to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Although, this does not mean that I promote traditional gender roles. He could like to cook and we could cook together. Granted, if he doesn’t like to cook… he better like to eat! *giggles*

So this morning after I hit the gym I decided to make an amazing omelet filled with tons of fresh greens, cheese, and spices. I used three types of greens: Baby Spinach, avocados, and kale. I know avocados technically aren’t a green because avocados are considered a “fruit”. Anyhoo, I added two types of cheese: Smoked Gouda and Colby Jack. ¬†
Who says ¬†a college student has to live off of oreos and ramen? ¬†To balance off my meal, I caramelized some sliced bananas and sprinkled a little bit of sugar on top of them. As a college student I do not have money to waste by not eating my fresh produce. So for the last four days I’ve eaten a ¬†raw banana every day but I wanted to try something new.¬†
Here’s the final pick of my food! Boy was it good. So much protein and a balance of vitamins from all the ingredients.¬†
Quick tip: In order to preserve an avocado that you plan on storing in the fridge, keep the seed in the avocado. I don’t know the science behind it but somehow this technique delays the fruit from turning brown. ¬†Do yo have a special way of cooking your omelets? What should I try next?¬†
Ciao Bella. 

Wifey Thang

I’ve always wondered what type of woman I would be in a relationship. Besides being a successful, lovely, godly, and¬†gorgeous¬†wife, I want to be a woman that knows how to throw down in the kitchen. A part of me wants to throw up her fist in the air and proclaim something about “woman’s rights” or “fight traditional gender roles” but I actually like to cook. Food is like art for your mouth. The flavors, texture, and taste dance across our¬†taste-buds¬†while the smell plays a¬†harmonious¬†melody for our senses! So much that our mouths water. The warmth of food provide comfort to the heart. They don’t call it soulful for no reason.

Sorry, I was so crazy with all that food talk. For a split second I thought I sounded like a food poet. Any-hoo, I want to cook. I hope to cook for my husband, children, family, friends. I sort of want to have dinner parties— Real¬†Housewives¬†Style. Everyone always caters food. Don’t get me wrong, catered food is usually pretty solid… never too bad or too good. But I respect people that make their own food.

Random thought… I’ve always wanted to go to a¬†Progressive¬†Dinner Party. ¬†A Progressive Dinner Party¬†“is a dinner party in which each successive course is prepared and eaten at the residence of a different host” (Source Wiki). Basically there would be appetizers at one person’s house, then salad at another person’s house, then the main course at another person’s house, followed by dessert & coffee at the final person’s house. Now there could be more course but you get the basic gist of things.

Now to my point. Recently while my cousins were here I made fried rice. In the Asian culture fried rice is a main component of the food options. The same is true to the Nigerian culture. Out of all the many popular dishes, fried rice is up there. Making the rice is not the hard part. At an early age I learned to cook foods. The seasoning is the hard part for me. I don’t want the food to be bland nor overly salty. Ahhh, the struggle is real. Any-hoo the rice turned out fine. Shout to the future chef.¬†

Sidenote: My husband can expect a hot meal every night! One of the perks of being the spouse of Soulfulabby.

Ciao Bella.