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Fall Wish List

Isn’t this such a fun post? I feel as though you get a taste of who I am style wise. To be honest, I want everything on this muse board. I was going to put the links to all of the items below but I don’t want to see copy version of myself wandering through the streets. Be inspired my love bugs. The overall tone is comfy, cozy, and polished.
Let me break down the list for you.
Camel Coat
There is so much sophistication and elegance with this one simple coat. The color, coat, and texture are of extreme importance. I have been searching high and low for a decent camel coat that I can afford. I will find THE coat only for it to be too expensive. I found this great camel one in the mens department at Banana Republic. Typically the cut of women’s coats are belted in at the waist and I’m not having that. 
I want knee high heeled boots and tims. It the two ends of the spectrum, really girly to urban tomboy. What can I say? I’m a multidimensional lady.  The boots are Sam Edelman Kayla. I’ve been longing for them since last year! 
I love cute crewnecks with fun phrases. I’ve had my eye on a couple. The only problem with the cute phrased crewnecks is that they can be hard to repeat often without getting the side eye from those around you. You feel me? 
Turtlenecks are so warm. Scoop necks are so cute as well. They are just very functional. 

All my big head ladies stand up? I so desperately want a wide brim hat yet they just do not fit my head. I went all over Urban Outfitters trying on hats only for them to not even begin to fit my large head. I really dig the slouchy beanie. It gives off that “I’m not trying to hard” vibe.

Going Out
Going out in the winter is the best and worst thing ever. The best thing because some ladies have finally decided to COVER UP! The hard part is dressing cute and weather appropriate. I want to buy several parts of co-ordinates. I think they are so cute and with my silhouette (or the silhouette I’m working on…) I think I will look nice. I really want this shade of NARS lipstick. After my Diva tube experience an ill fate after On the Run… I’m over it though.
Ciao Bella.