My church is currently fasting. Fasting is typically very personal, private thing. Although I thought I would share my fast with my lovebugs. I’m currently fasting breakfast. Instead of eating a bowl of cereal or granola bar, I spend that time praying and reading my bible. It has been very inspirational. It is just a reminder for me to place all my trust in God. The act of discipline has really helped my spiritual relationship. I won’t say it has been easy though, but it has been worth it.
Ciao Bella


The Addiction.

Me & my baby sis recently did a family fast. At first it was great. Reading my bible, prayin’, back & forth texting encouraging words to each other. No one could steal my mojo. Then things got really hard. Shall I remind you of Sunday’s post about me being mad at God? Well, me and God are straight again.

I thought it was about time I shared my fast. For the last 21 days I’ve fasted from YouTube. I could have easily fasted chocolate or cake or soda but those would have been too easy for me. I love to watch YouTube videos. Words cannot express how much I love beauty videos, commentary videos, how-to videos, and educational videos for when I don’t understand a concept in class. So I’m currently fasting and it hasn’t been easy.
But God is faithful. He really is. I’m alive and well. And I’m strong. I never want to be addicted to anything. I find something very weak about being dependent on something. I’ve been exposed to people addicted to certain things and I see the struggle they have overcoming their addiction. How their mental capacity won’t allow then to live, think, or thrive without their addiction. I never want to get to a point were I’m addicted to something.
I feel like that was the reason God used my little sister as a vessel to send me on this journey. I’m very grateful. It’s nice to challenge each other spiritually. I really feel like I need more Christian friends. I always have the best conversations with my Christian friends because we look at things through a spiritual, intellectual, and cultural point of view. 
So God showed me that I’m not addicted to YouTube. Thank you for the lesson, although it wasn’t an easy thing to learn. 
Ciao Bella. 

New Home

Hey Love bugs.

I’ve moved. Not physically but emotionally and domain-ally. It was like I was living in a hotel-home. I mean although everything was comfortable I just didn’t feel as though I was at home. As shady and conceited it may sound I googled myself. Scratch that. I yahooed myself. I binged myself. I msned myself. I guess we can come to the conclusion that “googled” sounds best.  But after I searched myself I realized soulfulbohemian was a name lost in the cyber world. So I’m now soulfulabby. I have an identity. I’m at such peace. The truth is God told me to change my name. He revealed this to me while I was fasting. I will do a discussion on fasting in the near future. I feel so alive, so empowered, so _______ (insert another word here to continue my list. I’m sorry I’m obsessed with having things done in threes). Well let’s see where God takes me on this journey.

Ciao Bella!

(Sidenote: I do not own this photos)