A New Chapter

Here’s to a New Chapter
Here’s to focusing 
   To putting in the work
   To reaping the benefits
      of effort  and hard work.
Here’s to being the essence of determination
   To having drive engrained in my DNA.
Here’s to reaping the fruits of my labour
God has a plan for me.
New Plans… New Purpose
Cheers Friends.
Let the New Chapter Begin. 
I hope you enjoyed my little poem. I’m not here to make any promises. I don’t want to say “I’m going to blog everyday”. I’m going to blog when I feel like blogging. This is a new chapter. This is the year of being truly genuine. 
Ciao Bella. 
[Photo source: Life of Pix]  

Cherry Blossoms

They only last but a moment
A moment waiting, anticipating 
The soft white surrounds the passionate pink
Still waiting 
From green to white to pink
Still waiting
When will the moment come? 
Round flowers like “O” shaped pastries
“O”- shaped pastries with their hearts gone
Their delicious heart
The delicious bites of hipster donuts 
At the nock and cranny spot
People people people
When will the maddness stop
Just for a second
The time has come to sit in awe of their beautiful
Time, Anger, emotions
Time goes. 
Some cherish it others ignore it
Like blow their blow their various ways
Time’s up.
Ciao Bella.