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Mask of Magnanimity ($13-24) 
Herbalism ($14-34) 
When you look good, you feel good. So I got the chance to try some Lush products. Lush products are typically made of pure ingredients. On the label, you can see who made your product and the ingredients. I tried the Mask of Magnanimity the minty, exfoliating, mask (Top right) and Herbalism– the green, chunk (in the bottom left).
I really enjoyed using the products. A part of my feeling was part of the hype. The products have a subtle, natural smell. The Herbalism did not really lather up too much. It was a modest wash. While the Mask of Magnanimity was fun to put on, I’m not sure I would buy it again.
I may just be a creature of nature. I’m use to a squeaky clean feeling. I’m trying to transition to more natural products. The products left my face feeling soft, but not necessarily clean. And these products were pretty pricey!  And because of the naturalness of the product, they expire pretty quickly. If you have any product suggestions let me know. I’m down to try different products. 
Ciao Bella. 



Well, hello there.
Miss me? *giggles*

So my birthday happened. God is good! To be honest, I’m not the hugest birthday person. Don’t ask why. I’m more than happy to celebrate your’s but I’m more reserved for my own. So my birthday was a normal day. The sun was shinning, the birds were chirpin’, the guys were ignoring me & all my cuteness… There was nothing out of the ordinary. 
Suddenly… I love the suspense there with the word “suddenly” followed by the ellipsis. My friends text me telling me that one of our guy friends need to chat about issues with his former girlfriend. Since I’m not much help in the relationship department, I ignored the request. That’s when I got a knock on my door. My friends demanded that I get dress.  I was pretty nervous. For all of my time at University, I had never told anyone my exact birthday. I would just say what month.  So I thought that they didn’t know what was what! (Hopeful this lingo makes sense) 
I was then escorted to a fashion show. It was really cool. The show was fun. The clothes were pretty cute, the music was less than desirable. We also met a fellow student at the affair. At first I thought we were just exploring our city on a school night. Taking in DC & all the culture it has to offer.  We were later interviewed by a local newspaper and my friends revealed that they had planned the night for my birthday! 
*Slutty Redhead & Dirty Girl Scout* 
(Please note, I’m on the hunt for drinks with names that objectify men!)  
I was floored. I’m still shocked writing this. It was so sweet, so lowkey, so refreshing. The surprise was really meaningful to me because they planned something that they knew I would really enjoy. I couldn’t think of a better way or group of ladies to spend the night with! If only I had known, I would have dressed cuter! 
Then we did that TOMBS thang… he details will remain unwritten. Someone cue in Natasha Bedingfield. I was pretty disappointed that my sisters lied to me, I didn’t appreciate that aspect. But I did find out that my little sister knows me very very well. 
Ciao Bella. 

Banana Pancakes

Can’t you see that it’s just raining… Ain’t no need to go outside. (Jack Johnson)
I can actually remember a time when I use to listen to mix cds that my friends made. This song was on one of the many mix cds I received. I really wish that was still a thing. Trading music with each other. Those are some of my favorite homemade gifts, cds that are filled with meaning.

Back to the heart of the post. I made banana based pancakes. They are very healthy, as opposed to flour based pancakes. Here’s what I used:

 Coconut Oil
 A little Vanilla

Then I blended the bananas, eggs, and pinch of vanilla. Instead of mixing the ingredients by hand, I blended them to make for a smoother consistency. The recipes online  called for only these basic ingredients but I found the texture to watery so the pancake would not cook/flip well. That being said, I added some rolling oats to thicken the batter. I have some things cooking in store.

Ciao Bella. 

Behold the Unknown.

A seed starts off small. To name all the people I look up to would fill this blog, the next one, and the next one. I think sometimes, I’m in this awkward growing stage. I’m no longer a teenager yet I’m not quite an adult “adult” yet. So I either want to fall back to my old childlike tendencies or pretend to be grown. But I so long for my life to be pieced together. I want to see the big picture.
God, please show me the big picture. 
I guess that’s where faith comes in. Walking, working, and praying that God is the controller of my destined. No one ever said it would be easy to blindly trust God when my vision for my life does not appear as it should be. 
Ciao Bella. 


Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I just wanted to start off this post by saying… “We teach girls to shrink themselves… I’m FLAWLESS”. Sorry, I’ve worked out to “Flawless” by Beyonce one too many times! Here’s a short book review of Americanah. 

Short Summary 

  • A journey about two people in the midst of following their dreams. In the quest for a slice of the American pie this twisted love story shows how actions, events, and luck test the foundation of Obinze & Ifemelu’s relationship

    The Good

  •  Popular novel that has thought provoking discussion abut race
  • The novel switches perspectives between Obinze and Ifemelu. So the reader gets both perspectives from both
  • The story ends in a cute fashion with just enough resolution to conclude the story yet open enough to allow the reader to use their own imagination to fill in the holes.
  •   Here blog pieces were relevant, thought provoking, and fairly current (there was mention of Obama’s first presidential campaign)

The Bad

  • Ifemelu can at times come across as stark. Here greatest strength “Her intelligence & observant spirit” is also her down fall.  At times she seems heartless and judgmental. While she is constantly critically of others she never reflects on her own flaws.
  • Adichie does not balance the time we are spent looking at things through Obinze’s lens as opposed to Ifemelu. About 60 % of the time the story happens from Ifemelu’s perspective while the other 40 occurs with Obinze.
  • Have you ever seen the Titanic? In the movie the story is told by the older rose on a ship that searching for this lost gem necklace. Well, Adichie positions Ifemelu to tell part of her story from a hair braiding story. The bouncing back and forth from present to past to future is very confusing and choppy. 
  • Given that the blog posts were very related to the story as a whole, they seemed to be airdropped out of nowhere. There would be a “random” blog post inserted at the end of several chapters.  And Adichie would foreshadow the post several chapters before she would share them.

Notable quotes

  • ·      “She felt with him a self-affection. He made her life herself . With him, she was at ease; her skin felt as though it was the right size” (Adichie 73)
  • “In America’s public discourse, “Blacks” as a whole are often lumped with “Poor Whites”. Not Poor Blacks and Poor Whites, But Blacks and Poor Whites. A curious thing indeed” (Adichie 205).
  •  “…but I should never have married her” ( Adichie 588).

Until the next book. 
Ciao Bella. 


A little part of me feels as though I have several post entitled “Selfish”. Oh-well.

Recently I’ve been very selfish. Not in that cut throat, the “world-revolves-around-me” kind of selfish. But that selfishness that is 55% thinking about me while only thinking about others about 45% of the time.

Currently, I’m listening to Frank Ocean & Jay Z all while Guy Code plays as background noise to my music and writing. I’m really unmotivated to connect with my friends that truly mean so much to me. I’ve honestly made no effort. Zero, zip, NADA.

On one hand it’s hella refreshing. There is no stress of coordinating times, meeting up, putting in the work. There’s no effort. Maybe this is a reflection of me, maybe it’s something deeper. Hanging out with friends is fun, it’s a combination of nostalgia, adventure, laughter, and celebration.

Maybe I don’t want to celebrate.

I apologize friends for not answering texts on time. For not putting in the effort to make our relationship work. I’ve just been working on me.

With that being said, I’m actually going on a spiritual sabbatical. I will delve into this deeper at a a later time.  To my former church, I love you and I will always have love for you. God bless. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes to different horizons.

Ciao Bella.